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Nobody likes looking like a slob, that's for sure. Sometimes, your favorite sweater might just look a little rough around the edges. You know exactly the fuzzy lint balls that form after a while. And while it's not your fault they appear, it's on you to get rid of these coarse annoyances. 

Our stunning lint razor removes lint balls, pet hair, crumbs and more from sweaters, curtains, carpet, upholstery and more! Just imagine the feeling of inner peace and relaxation after cleaning up your favorite pullover. and the silky smooth feeling when you run your hands all over it!

Promise, it will make your clothes look soft, tidy and brand new again!

Why the juupee lint razor?

There are other lint rollers out there. Tiring fact: all of them use rolls you eventually have to replace, which sucks. Imagine running to the store all the time only for these expensive rolls that do nothing but produce waste and hurt the environment. Also, they don't clean nearly as much lint balls of clothes and can even damage your favorite attire.

It also does not need batteries like some cheap electric shavers that break after a month. 

Our lint razor, on the other hand, doesn't need rolls. It stays sharp, and will reliably for years to come, always ready to make you look stunning on your way to work, friends, a date or anything else you enjoy doing as you go about your day.

To sum it up: No batteries, no rolls, no cheap, plasticky lint shavers, no hurting the environment, your wallet or your free time. Just an amazing quality of life.


Build quality

The handle is made from solid, even wood, and the top is made from pure copper. Fit's perfectly into every hand, and has a satisfying weight on it, making you feel the excellent build quality that's not a given any more these days, especially online, where you can't try it first. 

The top part, the workhorse of the tool, is made from sturdy copper. Strong enough it won't bend, but not damage any fabrics either. Kind of like that one quiet yet confident, competent person you know.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
nice for wool clothes

bought it from a facebook ad and was sceptical at first, but it works really well. took about 10 days.


Nice but be aware that it is only for knittet stuf


very fast very good , good seller


Just like the picture. The item does its work. I've read a lot of negative comments but I was very surprise with the product. It's not the softest thing in the world but it works without damaging the clothes.


I come well in good time